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With a blend of practical expertise and a down-to-earth style Polly Campbell entertains, educates, and inspires audiences during keynote presentations, inspirational workshops and convenient eClasses.


  • Live the Life You Are Meant  to Live

In this powerful, 8-week, eCourse, Polly will show you how to access your passions, connect to your purpose, and step into your greatest potential to live a powerful and engaged life.

This self-paced class is held in collaboration with the Daily Om and lessons are delivered directly to your inbox.

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  • Reframe the Tough Times

With humor, hope, and inspiration Polly explains the traits of resilience during this 8-week, self-paced class delivered straight to your inbox. Each lesson includes practical exercises and practices to help you cultivate your own resilience, as well as, guided visualizations and meditations to help you tap into your own personal power.

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Workshops & Keynotes

Writing from the Inside Out

Spirituality allows us to move inside and get to know ourselves and each other better. Writing requires that we do the same and both can lead to greater awareness. In this workshop we’ll explore how the two practices combine to create a powerful writing and life experience. But, this class is more practical than woo-woo. We’ll also cover structure and techniques of the writing craft.

The class gets down to where the pencil meets the paper.

It will explain:

  • How to make the intangible idea concrete
  • How to focus your idea
  • Connect with readers to inspire and inform
  • Find your voice
  • Be brave enough to put it on the page

Overcoming Self-Sabotage to Live the Life of Your Dreams

What if you stopped denying, blaming, fixing, hiding from all that is wrong in your life and began embracing all that you are? It is possible and it’s the key to living a life filled with passion, purpose, abundance, and acceptance. 

Polly will show you how to

  • Identify the limiting beliefs sabotaging your success
  • Harness the positive power of self-acceptance
  • Recharge your life with new positive beliefs
  • Use short, in-the-moment practices to ease stress, ramp up productivity and infuse your life with joy.

Bounce Back From Anything

Wonder why some people thrive despite great adversity while others bury themselves in potato chips and problems?

It’s all a matter of resilience. Good news is no one has a corner on the resilience market. You too, can move gracefully through adversity. Resilience can be developed and Polly will show you how. Audiences will also learn:

  • The qualities of resilience
  • Practices to help them thrive despite challenge and uncertainty
  • How to reframe the troubling times

Rediscover Your Passion and Purpose

Feeling stuck? Bored? Like it’s just too hard to get ahead and life isn’t fun anymore? You don’t have to live another moment feeling disconnected and tired. You can reawaken your zest for life. Reignite your creativity. Make a positive difference in the world and tap into your greatest passions and your life’s purpose.

In this life-changing, program, Polly shows how participants how to:

  • Revitalize their health, mood, and daily routine
  • Connect to passion and purpose
  • Attract more abundance to their lives
  • Become more productive
Practical Spirituality

Meditation, mindfulness, gratitude and acceptance.

What are these techniques and practices? How can they help you NOW to get through the daily routine and cope with the uncertainty of daily life? There are plenty of practical personal development strategies and spiritual practices that can help you feel better and live your best life. In this program Polly defines these and other terms and draws from current research to show you how you to develop a spiritual practice right in the middle of your regular routine.  Audiences will also learn:

  • How to surrender their greatest worries
  • Why gratitude can ease stress
  • How mindfulness can improve your mood
  • How acceptance can boost peace and productivity



4 responses to “Workshops & Classes”

  1. Mandy Yorke


    I am interested in attending one of your course, but I cannot find course dates or details on your website.

    Could you possibly direct me, so I maybe able to come along to one?

    With grace and gratitude.


    1. Polly Campbell

      Thanks Mandy, Right now I am a part of the special one-time FREE virtual event: The Happiness and Success Formula: How to Have Both in Your Life! There is still time to sign up, so check it out

      During this unique virtual event myself and other workshop leaders will talk about:
      • How to make the best of the job you’re in when you don’t want to move.
      • How to be compassionate and charitable when everyone else around you is competitive.
      • How 5 decisions can take you from where you are to where you want to be.
      • How to tame up-coming summer’s insanity.
      • How women are different from men in the way they define happiness and success.
      • How to learn happiness as a second language.
      • How to create breakthroughs to achieve your goals.

      Sign-up here:

      I have no other workshops scheduled at this time, but will update them on my Web site when I do and I am always happy to keynote or provide customized trainings and workshops for corporations and organizations who want to help their people be happier, more engaged and more productive at work and at home.
      Thanks for your interest.

  2. Ken

    Dear Polly

    Heard you on Coast to Coast and just about everything that you said resonated with me. I’m very impressed with you and your message and
    look forward to explorinig your website. I have been out of work for
    about a year now and have started my own hypnotherapy practice after
    going to school for ten months to get my certification. I’m not making
    enough money to continue with the practice on a full time basis, yet I
    feel God has called me to stay with it and I will. I am currently looking
    to get back into real estate management which is something that I have done
    all of my life and am very good at. This would ease some of the financial burden that I find myself confronted with. That said, I have found it difficult to get a position and at the same time, I am very conscious of keeping my attitude positive and upbeat. I’m hopeful that Keller Williams Realty here in Orlando, will see the value in what I bring to the table and give me the opportunity to contribute to their organization… that is something that I know that I can do, given the chance.

    Please say a prayer for me as I will pray for your continued success, Polly. Thanks so much and God Bless You!

    1. Polly Campbell

      Ken, Thank you so much for your comment. Glad the show resonated with you. I believe that if we remain open to all that comes — even the tough stuff — we get all we need to live our purpose. It may take awhile, but you are clearly on the path and taking inspired action. Sending more good energy your way.

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