Proof that You Can Handle Anything

cap and cowboy boots

Original work by Erin Cairney White

Seriously, you’ve got this. Whatever it is keeping you awake at night or causing your impatience and stress, you can handle it. I know that.

Still, there are times when it feels like the challenges and hurt are bigger than we are. It becomes tough to see our way through the difficulty. So today I’ll be what intuitive Sonia Choquette calls your “believing eyes.”

I believe that while you may be facing obstacles you’d rather not face, you’ll be okay. You can do it. You don’t even have to know how. The path doesn’t have to be clear, you just have to believe you can get through.

You are enough, right now, to handle whatever you have to face.

Here’s how I know:

You contain the power of the Universe. Think about this: you are made of the same stuff that makes up the sun and the moon and the mountains and and oceans. That stuff is in you. This is not a small thing. If this planet can survive millions of years of erosion and scary dinosaurs and crazy-ass people, I’m thinking you can survive a blind date, or a rotten interview. You are made of impressive stock. Don’t forget it.

Brains are plastic. Not like the BPA toxic plastic, nor the molded polyvinyl chloride of  of Barbie dolls, (yes, I Googled that),  but of neurons and pathways that grow and develop as we experience new things. In other words, your brain expands and so does your capability for dealing with stuff. You may not feel comfortable in the process, but  as you try new things, and explore and learn new ways of coping,  your brain will literally get a groove on, creating new smoother grooves and pathways that translate into more skilled behavior and ability. Like it or not, your brain will adapt and grow to help you deal better with the challenges you face.

You’ve done it before. Death. Loss. Financial stress. Relationship troubles. Kid demands. Health concerns. If you are a human over the age of two, you’ve probably survived most of these hardships already. So, you’ve got this. Evidence shows that you are resilient. You may not want to deal with the next challenge, but you can. With strength and grace. I know this for sure, because you have done it time and time again.

Even dumb people have done this. Seriously. I’m not one for comparisons. Generally I think they just make us sad and lonely. But, when you are pretty sure you can’t get through this challenge or hurt, take a little mental inventory of the others who have already done it. Chances are high that you are at least  as capable as most of them and probably smarter and better equipped than a bunch. So, if they can do it, of course you can. Now come on.

You’ve got life in you. As long as your heart is beating and you are still breathing you’ve got a shot at turning this ship around. Take a minute then to give thanks for the marvel that you are. Each day your heart pumps gallons of blood, your eyes blink, your lungs inflate, and your brain will analyze millions of bits of information – all without your conscious involvement. So now, you really think the co-worker being pissy or the check not arriving on time is something you can’t handle? Sheesh. With a little attention you got this.

There are people who can help. No matter how hard it feels you no longer have to work in isolation. There are support groups, on-line clubs, books, articles, audio tapes, hotlines, volunteer organizations, friends, family members, even friendly baristas out there who can help. You are not alone in this. You simply must find the people that are willing and able to provide what you need. If you are doubting your abilities or needing some fresh ideas, money, support, laughter, a hand to hold, seek out those who can provide that. It’s okay, necessary even, to ask for help. Then, go politely after what you need. The most resilient people do that.

Play the statistics. Most people, the vast majority, experience challenging moments and devastating losses. They hurt and cry and worry and complain and still they go on. They even find happiness again and many settle into a new normal with a greater appreciation because of what they have been through.

This is how I know that you can do it too. You may not like how it goes. You may not get your way or the outcome you want or the rainbows and unicorns you dream about,  but you can handle whatever comes. And life can be pretty good again. There is peace in knowing this. You are capable. You’ve got this.