Power Up: Take Time Out

Tis the Season that many of us are trying to survive without crazy stress and family drama. This is totally possible of course. We can do all that AND even have a really good time.
But on the days when you are feeling more edgy and irritable rather than fun and festive,  try one of these in-the-moment quick tip or reminders that I call Power Ups,  before you run screeching from the house. 



Power Up: Take Time to Reboot

A sure way to fizzle out during this festive time is to do too much, too often. Stop, settle. Sit still. Sit quiet. Stop doing and start being. Build this quiet, settling time into your day — every day. I know. You’ve got loads to do. But you probably won’t get it all done, or enjoy doing it if you don’t take at least five minutes a day to do nothing. At least take five. More is better. Schedule it into your calendar and stick with it.

Not only will you feel less stressed and more sane, but you’ll be more productive, less likely to forget things, and able to make better decisions — all skills that make holiday planning easier. Plus, you’ll be healthier. Lots of perks to taking time to be quiet each day.

The biggest one though, is you’ll just feel better. Happier. More appreciative and generous, and that’s what we are going for.

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