Showing Up is the Biggest Deal

freeimages.comI’ve been making a lot of excuses lately. Not enough time, not enough money…yada, yada, yada. That’s a sure way to stagnate and remain in this mindset of lack which is stifling and icky.

So today, to remind myself that I am the creator of my experience rather than a person who complains about it, I took on three things that seemed insurmountable and hard and draining and better left for someone else. And, oh yeah, I did them all in about seven minutes. So. Not. Hard. It was only my beliefs about them that kept me stuck.

We all do this, right? We smack talk ourselves into thinking we aren’t good enough, or it isn’t our place, or IT can never be or will never work. Baloney. IT already is…it’s simply a matter of whether or not we notice. It’s simply a matter if we stop making excuses and paying attention to what it is we are already creating in our lives.

Showing Up is the Biggest Deal

Listen, you don’t have to be the best. You don’t have to have all the answers or get it right every time out. Often success is a matter of showing up.

Get out of bed. Sit down at the desk, or show up at the interview, or take 10 minutes to connect with your kids or your family — show up and be present — and you will change everything. You will change EVERYTHING simply by showing up. And, if you engage with good intentions, you will succeed.

So many people talk about what they want to do. Things they want to accomplish.

Others make “sure-I’ll-give-you-a-call” promises they never keep.

We make excuses, like I did.

But when you actually show up with good intentions and engage and participate in the work or the parenting or the marriage or the chores, when you are present and not just laying on the couch sucking at a pinot while the kids plays on the floor in front (been there done that) things get done. The energy around you changes and that changes everything. Things show up in your life that you never expected and you feel happier and better and like you contributed something and you know what you did because you showed up, and participated.

When it felt hard and scary you showed up anyhow. And, that my friend, is more than most people do. And, that is courageous and important.

So, today stop the excuses. And just get going. Move toward what you want. Focus on what you can do and engage and you will achieve more than you thought possible.

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