How to Get Your Swagger Back — Part 1

HandwashingThere are only so many meals you can cook, commutes you can make, bills you can pay, socks you can match before life begins to feel a little mundane. Boring even.

You know the feeling when the same ol’ stuff, feels drab and uncomfortable. Motivation is flagging and you no longer feel fired up about the work or activities that you used to enjoy.

You are stuck. Been there done that.

It’s not uncommon to hit a point where we feel depleted and worn by the daily routine. But you don’t have to stay stuck in in that overall sense of is-this-all-there-is dissatisfaction.

When you are ready to reset your life experience just a bit and make the routine more bearable and fun again, there are some simple steps you can take to get your swagger back.

Three Swagger-building Strategies

1. Wash your hands. Studies show that washing your hands will actually clean off the cloying psychological residue of past feelings and behaviors and provide a clean start. Plus I like the ritual of it. Do this deliberately and mindfully. Become present to the moment. Notice the feel of the water, the sounds, the smell of soap. Then, quietly notice your thoughts and allow the stuck feelings to simply wash off and down the drain. Then dry your hands and do something fun, or slightly different in the next moment to symbolize your fresh start.

2. Get comfortable with discomfort. Getting unstuck requires a willingness to do some things differently. You must shift you out of your comfort zone – which has become way too comfortable anyhow, right? So, notice what it is you are feeling as you embark on new activities or behaviors. Exhilaration can sometimes feel like anxiety. Excitement can sometimes come with fear. Feeling a little uncomfortable isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Make peace with it and start exploring the next phase of your life.

3. Focus on the next five minutes. Stop worrying about what you’ll be doing five years from now. Focus on the now. Our lives are strung together by scores of little moments. If you do something in the next moment that feels good, engaging, interesting, it will buoy you in the moment after that. You can create an entire big ol’ happy life by paying attention to this moment, then the next. Get up. Make this moment feel good. The future will take care of itself.

And,  for now, the future — otherwise known as Wednesday — holds more tips to help you Get Your Swagger Back.

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