4 responses to “Unlearning Limitation”

  1. Megan

    I love this! It’s so true! Our thoughts create our reality, but it’s so easy to let them run amok. If I wouldn’t say it to my children, then I have no business thinking it to myself (that’s my goal anyway!). Thanks for the post, Polly. I’m gonna go ride my bike blindfolded now.

  2. Judith

    This speaks to me Polly! I have been thinking and writing about this from another angle – how we limit others in our expectations of them – as parents ,teachers, spouses! I actively fight against labeling – it is particularly unhelpful within school, for students whose identity is in such a state of flux.

    By the way, I signed up for notifications, after I took one of your classes, a while back but I have only recently started receiving email alerts – so if you have changed your settings on wp then maybe you are reaching a wider audience?!

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