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    […] Making space for silence. […]

  2. Ethel

    Nice post! Although you meant “the value of deliberate quiet cannot be OVERestimated”. In other words, it’s impossible to exaggerate its value.

    If it can’t be “underestimated” then no matter how low our valuing of it is, it’s still actually lower in reality!

  3. Meghan

    Well said Polly! I became a fan of deep silence during my first experience with it at a retreat in Vermont 12 years ago… I’ve feel its worth every time I choose it again, and go deeper into it, and the Source of it. Good to know traffic control has gone home with you!

  4. Sister Jenna

    Polly. You won all our hearts and this was right
    on and very powerful. Thank you. Sister Jenna

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