Three Quick and Easy Ways to Stop Stressing

rocks-760350I’ve got a long to-do list this week. Blog posts and writing assignments. Kids’ soccer practices, birthday-presents to buy, meals to make, bills to pay and of course the most important of all, watching the DVR’d  episode of The Good Wife – among a billion other things. How will I get it all done before I hop on a plane for a week-long business trip, Sunday? Who knows.

But, one thing is sure, I won’t be stressing about it – at least not much. I don’t want to be slowed by the stress, nor do I want to feel fretful all week long. Stress is an energy drain and I need all the good energy I can get, so I’m putting some of my best stress relievers and peace boosters into effect right now.

I’ve tried these tips before and I know they work. When it all feels like too much they help in a hurry.

One of my favorites is of course, meditation. It’s awesome for relieving stress and comes loaded with other perks like pain relief and enhanced creativity. Plus you get to be alone for a few minutes.

But, I get that it takes time and practice to trust in the meditation process. Do it and meditation can help when you are feeling under fire. But for now, in the short run, try one of these other stress-busters.

1. Jam the music. Music not only changes how you feel, it can also be soothing – assuming of course that you are not listening to metal.

Research has also shown that music can help regulate some functions of our heart and nervous systems and trigger a biochemical reaction that can help manage our stress. Exercise is another stress-relieving aid and dancing is a great form of exercise. So rock on and feel better fast.

2.  Go green – or blue. Colors can fire up our mood or calm us down. Green and blue colors tend to have a calming effect and pink isn’t so bad either. When you are feeling the stress, surround yourself with soothing colors. It’s even worth a trip outside to look at the trees and green grass. Green naturescapes have also been shown to promote peaceful feelings.

3. Change your beliefs about stress. In a growing body of research, scientists are finding that our thoughts about stress influence how it affects us. We tend to see stress as terrible and debilitating when it can also adaptive and motivating. Stress can heighten our awareness, help us focus, and remind us that we are alive and engaged in something meaningful. By reinterpreting our bodies stress reaction as something that is helpful – we actually perform better.

Remember how you think will alter how you feel and how you feel can influence how you think – the mind/body relationship is a tight one – so choose thoughts and behaviors that will help you handle stress successfully and you will feel better.


In Wednesday’s post I’ll offer three other stress-relieving tips for you to try.



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