One response to “Kindness is a quick pick-me-up and you can try it at home”

  1. Julie Catherine

    Polly, a wonderful post with a wonderful message – thank you so much for sharing. I know that I would have had a lot more difficulty getting through these past few years without the kindness and compassion of a lot of people – including the food bank, while I was waiting to be accepted for government disability funding. And without the support of my friends, the period of depression would have been considerably longer and deeper than it was last fall, when I was forced to give up the work I loved (I worked in adult education). I am unable to assist others in a ‘physical’ or monetary sense – but through my blog I am doing whatever I can to reach out to people, and it feels wonderful! This is a message everyone should read and take to heart, and I am very grateful to read it today. ~ Julie :)

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