Create a new belief, create a better life

Free your mind graphic, suggestionNow that you’ve gone to the source of the self-sabotage, the limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in your life that we discussed in Monday’s post, you are ready to get rid of them. Well, at least a few.

First, take a deep breath, you’re doing just fine. We all have beliefs, which often are etched deep into our subconscious, that can threaten our success. This is normal.

Our beliefs are just repeated thoughts patterns, many of which were planted by teachers and parents and television programs, often without our conscious awareness. They aren’t true. Yet, they influence our behavior and in a very real way create tangible results in our lives. The good thing is that once we see the beliefs we are using, we can rewrite them, make them more helpful. In this way, we can overcome the limitation and lean toward our potential.

Below is an exercise that can help you do it. So, take one of the limiting beliefs that you’ve identified and use this practice to rewrite it into a more empowering thought pattern.

Rebooting Your Belief

Spend 20 minutes on this practice.

  • Pick one limiting belief.
  • Rewrite the belief. Stop the editorializing. Opinions don’t matter here. Get specific. Clear. And state what is in a way that is concise and true. On some level, the belief must feel true in order for you and your Ego to adopt it. But, you can have truth without judgment.

“I will never have enough money” transforms to “right now I don’t have as much money as I’d like.”

“I’m fat and ugly” becomes “I am seventy-five pounds heavier than I’d like to be.”

“I’m not smart enough” turns into “There are things I need to learn to be qualified for the job.”

  • Reflect it back. This is the biggie. This is where the practice pays off. You’ve already transformed the belief into a truer statement, no hold it up and see what it could be. See what it looks like when it’s turned around and reflected back. You can pick your thoughts, so pick those that are helpful.

“I’m seventy-five pounds heavier than I’d like to be” is reflected back as “I can make choices that nourish my mind and body.”

This is also a true statement.

Excerpted from Imperfect Spirituality: Extraordinary Enlightenment for Ordinary People

Going forward

This is something you can do. You can pick thoughts and beliefs that will help you create behaviors that help support your best life.

So, again,  to start ending the self-sabotage and replace those limiting beliefs:

Identify the belief.

Rewrite it without judgment

Reflect it back

Live from the new, reflected belief and watch your life open up.

Try it. I know this practice works, because it is one that I do myself.

For other practices and to learn more about how to replace your limiting beliefs and end  self-sabotage see the complete chapter called Building Powerful Beliefs and Cutting Catastrophic Thoughts in Chapter Four of Imperfect Spirituality.


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