2 responses to “What I learned from diet detox: Mindful eating is healthier eating”

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    As I sat down to read your post, to go container of salad in hand, mouth open, fork poised and ready, I was thinking about how i had overpaid for this overpriced salad, and even though it was tasty and so good for me, I was resentful. Then I read the paragraph about mindfulness….and everything (meaning my mind) changed. I instantly felt gratitude for the fact that I had the money to pay for this salad, that it came from The Ivy, where i was lunching with a friend and had a great conversation and a good time. I offered gratitude to all involved in getting this salad and this experience to me (and for the inventors of the gluten free cookie i enjoyed right after.) My point is this, with one sentence, my entire mood and outlook changed and it was because you chose to write about mindful eating. This reminded me to take action on delivering my gifts and talents to the world so I can nudge a positive change in someone too…and they as well and so on. Before we know it, the world will be transformed, and an article on kale will be part of the reason 🙂

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