One response to “Find your Good-day triggers”

  1. Kelly James-Enger

    Love this post and don’t think it’s woo-woo at all. My personal trigger is seeing a cement mixer. At two years’ old, my son was obsessed with “see-me mixies,” and got very excited whenever he saw one. As we tried to adopt another baby, I somehow stumbled onto the idea that whenever I saw a cement mixer, it was a sign that we *would* be graced with another child…and not to give up hope. I have no idea how I latched onto this idea, but I can tell you whenever I was close to giving up, one would pop up…just as I thought, “let’s move on,” there would be one at a traffic light…on the highway…in a snowstorm in Wisconsin in late December…in the city where I met my daughter’s birth mom, weeks before she gave birth. More than three years later, with our daughter completing our famly, I still see cement mixers all the time. Now I smile and feel like it’s a sign or message that everything will work out–and a reminder of how blessed I am.

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