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Hello Again,

I took a break from the blog for awhile to work on some other things and explore new practices and ideas that can help us add even more awesome to our lives. Also looking at ways to feel more calm and grounded in an unsettled and sometimes unsettling world.

Now I want to connect and share these ideas with you in a more personal way, so  I’m launching the How to Live an Awesome Life newsletter.

This monthly-ish newsletter will be a quick hit of ideas, inspiration, encouragement, including my quirky take on practical personal development. Seriously, people, if I can do this stuff so can you, so we’ll explore the simple little ideas and habits that can change our world in a big way. 

I’ll also offer updates on any classes, readings, presentations, or the other things I’m up to, beyond preparing sack lunches and griping about folding the whites.

Want a little more awesome in you life? Sign up here and it will come directly to you. Easy Peasy. And, of course, I’ll be stopping by these parts again, every once-in-awhile.

Thanks for joining me.

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